Wedding Garden

The addition of our Wedding Garden completes the refurbishment to the Ballroom. With picturesque views of the mountains it’s the ideal location for additional photos with family and friends. The historic Old Mill Wheel has also been imbedded within the stone walls as a focal point just beyond the two main pillars.

The Wedding Garden is in two sections. As you leave the wedding reception room, you emerge into a beautiful Stonewall and Hedged enclosed space, with natural wild planting and raised seat walls.

In the Old Irish traditions, the symbol of a Double Spiral was used to indicate balance and harmony.

The first half of the Double Spiral is a raised stone seat wall, capped with paving stones. The second half is a paving pattern in through the lawn area as the seat gradually falls down to ground level. Heather beds slope down from the higher stone wall and tumble into the lawn area.

In the centre, two round traditional stone pillars, planted on top with rambling roses and honeysuckle, lead you into a secret walled space, a small garden is set over another old symbol of marriage. Two overlapping circles in the paving create an ancient symbol known as the ‘Vesica Piscis’ This symbolises how the unity of two leads to the energy of creation.

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